About this blog


1. To provide an overview of English language advertising imagery year by year

2. To allow you to follow a product/service as it develops over time e.g. adding machines, earthmovers, 

3. To acknowledge and duly reward  individual artists hired to create images e.g. artist Douglas Crockwell, Robert Riggs

4. To assess the ways in which specific symbols and objects are used to provide a platform for selling e.g. clockfaces, feathers, owls, 

5. To  provide a taxonomy of gesture, expression, and accessory deemed most appropriate to particular products and desired narratives e.g. hand on hip, in pocket, to chin.

6. To explore problems of representation, e.g. pouring liquids , perspective, droplets etc

7. To chart gender roles in advertising e.g. wife as waitress, servitude begets ecstasy, man with newspaper

8. To trace the development and basic propositions of celebrated campaigns e.g. Container Corporation, First National Bank of New York, Coca Cola

9  Exploring advertising in time of war and in promoting causes beyond the commercial 

10  Further aims and objectives are listed in detail in VISUAL CLICHES, A RATIONALE.