Why the best colour for a diamond is no colour at all, the Diamond Information Centre, UK June 1986

When we say Silver Service, that's what we mean, Sol Hotels, June 1986

Barclays Bank Premier Card (double page version) June 1986 offers so much to so few

J.E.Sirrine Company, Time to scrape hulls September 1958, a metaphor for obselescence

New oil refinery expands industrial opportunity in Puerto Rico, September 1958

The shipyard that stretches tankers, Holmes and Narver Septemebr 1958

The Peaceful Atom, Atomics International, September 1958 no basic discovery came so far so fast

Groupo Insurance Plans, The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company, September 1958

How modern motor repair can increase operating life, Westinghouse Coilife September 1958

World's highest voltage a-c Power line, September 1958 General Electric, Project EHV

Day Brite Lighting, September 1958, an enlightened choice of fixtures

Norm Robbins precautions, The Travelers' Insurance Companies, September 1958

EBASCO page 2, Reynolds Metals Offices, September 1958

Avoid risk if you buy steel, American Steel Wharehouse, September 1958

Vickers of England, St.Lawrence Seaway hydraulic gates, September 1958, artist Wooton

Coordination Counts, Catalytic Construction, September 1958, Plastic and Coals Division, Toledo Factory

A Door is opened by Allied Chemical to basic materials for the Space Age, September 1958, david Stone Martin

Air conditioning for the Factory? Trane Air Conditioning September 1958

St Regis Paper, packaged in 12 minutes, all these clocks (Westclox), September 1958

Calumet & Hecla precision machine parts, How to lower a thermometer's blood pressure September 1958

Record Company cuts production cuts with shipments by air, American Airlines September 1958

How to spot an amateur Tinker.. Royal Typewriters September 1943

If you're making more money.. watch out, Magazine Publishers of America, public service announcement September 1943

Don't believe a word he says, Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance September 1943

Sorry sonny... I'm afraid you're not quite old enough? Sparton Radios September 1943

This Flying Fish has a lung of steel, Carilloy Alloy Steel, September 1943

What's better than precision bombing? Buick and General Motors. September 1943

FLUOR will break the ground for you, September 1943, power dhovel

We're tooling all over the map, A.W.Hecker September 1943

No longer is Philosopher's Wool pulled over the Brass Casters Eyes, Bristol Brass September 1943

Fired by a Factory Whistle, The Texas Company, war workers help the effort, September 1943

Dive Bomber deadliest model, Coty Insect Cream, September 1943

Aide de Camp to a Cat Cracker, Buell Engineering and Dust collection, September 1943

Eddie's on a one hour furlough, Bell and Howell, September 1943

San Francisco to Salamana, September 1943, Rohr Parts and Assemblies

Liberty Owens Ford, a great name in glass, September 1943 Why sell sight unseen?

Making its Mark on a Nazi mark IV, Cadillac Motor Division September 1943

How to stop a war... like that September 1943 New Departure Steel Bearings

The Marion Steam Shovel Company, Off to War, September 1943

The Saddler of Summer Street, Mark Cross luggage, leather goods September 1943

Exploring for a world on wings, Cannon Electric September 1943

Bankers with a 25,000 mile reach, Harris Trust and Savings Bank, August 1960

fountain of youth for rubber, Universal Oil products August 1960

Thermo-Fax from 3M, August 1960, FAST copies

Dresser delivers reliability, this time in electronic componentry August 1960

Bold new aluminium packages from Ecko-Alcoa, August 1960

LIFE International, Does your firm register with him? August 1960

An automatic wharhouse that tells car bodies when to stop and go, Cutler Hammer August 1960

Imagination at work for Industry, GATX August 1960

The Northwestern Mutual Life August 1960, money comes from life assurance