The Guiding Light to Quality and Economy for 66 years,A&P, Atlantic and Pacific Tea 1928

a car unsurpassed for performance, LINCOLN 1928

Now Monsmato makes plastic bottles hold impossible things 1964

Foiled by Mead Paper 1964 the Mead Corporation

Banish handling cost fears National Castings Company 1964

For the long stretch, Jones and Lamson Machine Tools, 1954

Concrte from Global, Unique construction used at atomic test grounds, Holmes and narverNovember 1954 engineers constructors

owner, architect, contractor all agree Allied Structural Steel delivers on time November 1954

Automation, an old idea at Girdler's , November 1954

In the fine car field, the trend is undoubtedly towards eights, Huppmobile 1926

Not at all, the aroma is delightful...Chesterfield Cigarettes 1926, artist Adolphe Treidler

The Improved New Safety Stutz 1927, artist Edmund Davenport, the ultra low chassis

Even a superficial acquiantance with the Lincoln is sufficient...1926

Kelly Springfield Tires, Where the Country's rough and the Going's tough... 1924

The story of Camoah, Packard Electric Motor Leads 1926, the 5 goblins in the gang, artist Walt Scott

Herbert Tareyton Cigarettes, There's something about them you'll like, 1926

Coast to Coast, Chesterfiled Cigarettes 1926 (artist WDT)

I'll tell the world they satisfy, Chesterfield cigarettes 1921

pretty smooth like Half and Half, 1927, John held Jr.,

Day in and Day out, Fatima Cigarettes 1928