Sleek new Studebaker styling saves gasoline for you! New 1950 Studebaker March 1950

Look at its big car features and you'll think the low price is a misprint! Ford Fairlane February 1962

Treat your engine as a VIP, New Mobiloil Special, October 1955

Sea Going Vacuum Cleaner, Continental Oil Company March 1952, artist James Bingham


Get Gibson and get everything, Gibson Refrigerator Company 1949

You can't beat a Kentile floor, dollar for dollar 1955

Albany Felt Company, The Magic Carpet 1955, textiles for Paper Making etc

Indian Head Cloth, use it instead of linen 1920 Indian Head Fabrics

Jantzen Swimsuits 1929, blonde, brunette or titian...

Kuppenheimer Good Clothes 1928 the rowing team

Arrow dress collars and shirts 1926

Cooper Underwear Company Hosiery and Underwear, 1928

The New Knapp Felt Hat for the Month - the Rudswick , 1928 artist Percy Edward Anderson

Real Silk Hosiery, Bonded Real Silk 1928

A New Creation by Blue Moon, 1929, silk stockings by Largman Gray

You just know she wears them, McCallum Silk Hosiery 1922

Watkin's Mulsified Cocoanut Oil Shampoo, 1920 Makes your hair look its best

Djer-Kiss Talc, made in France 1930 cosmetics

Financial Times Business Information 1987, business inforamtion for trading in France 1987 UK

Don't let the strain of relocation tear your employees apart, Black Horse Relocation 1987 UK

What;s behind Laura Ashley's unmistakeable pattern of growth, Nixdorf Computers, 1987 UK

The PC that always had power now has muscle, UNISYS UK 1987