Make her a member of the Skyway Luggage Add a Case Club,

Big Convenience, little cost, Pitney Bowes Postal meters, December 1960

How Ameripol put 'English' on the ball, Goodrich Gulf December 1960

Bridge to Color Excellence, Clement Printing, December 1960

Mannermann, putting muscle power out of business, December 1960 (piping for oil)

Bankers and Businessmen everywhere, Irving Trust December 1960, balet

It's 1965 for this man, Texas Electric, December 1960

They must not fasil, people need power, ITE Circuit Breakers, December 1960 Ned Seidler

New chemical reduces industrial air pollution, December 1960

Now she can be everywhere at once,Remington Kard-Veyer, December 1960

How Glycol took the steam out of winter, December 1960

Hertz has more offices, more cars, more services, December 1960

PD Telephone Wire and Cable, December 1960 connect person to person

I'd like you to meet my new helper, IT and T December 196-

Burns Training pays off in emergencies, December 1960

Send me a Man who reads, International Paper December 1960

Fussy People are jumping on the Global Van-Wagon, December 1960

Xerographic copying speeds paperwork flow in every department, Haloid Xerox December 1960

Is your money flowing as fast as it should? First National City Bank of New York December 1960

Relax Let Science make you comfortable. Union Carbide, December 1960

Who buys all the Groceries? Campbell-Ewald Advertising December 2960

80 billion bucks! Isn't a good thing we don't get all the government we pay for? America's Light and Power, December 1960

Farming is big business in California, Crocker-Anglo Bank, December 1960

We've a good mind to do it all at Allison, December 1960 Fuel Cell

There's more than Dried Beef in this Milprint package, Dece,ber 1960

Better way to move mountains, West Virginia Pulp and Paper, December 1960

Tell me more! National Yellow Pages Service, December 1960

How are you weathering the squeeze on profits? Southern Railway System December 1960

Look to Avisco for new Ideas, December 1960

Barrett takes you backstage at the Radio City Music Hall, May 1950

Colombia trades coffee for U.S.Industrial machinery May 1950

Their Pension Checks come Regularly, Bell telephone pension plans, May 1950

New acclaim for The March of Time, May 1950

They will dig the river later, Dietzgen, May 1950

Dover Mill Company and Pittsburgh Paints, May 1950

I tested Sixty Models, Spring Mills, May 1950

New standards can grow out of ARMA Brain blocks, May 1950

The Barometer forecasts good coffee, Continental Can, May 1950

Flora Mae figured tp save Paw's shirt! Pitney Bowes Postal Meters, May 1950

What a tale this tattletale tells, Westinghouse Transformers, May 1950

The Walls have no ears, Trane Air Conditioning, May 1950

Merchandising Impact achieved by Forbes Lithograph, May 1950

The Inside Story of how Coal becomes a premium value fuel, McNally Pittsburgh, May 1950

X Marks the spot where worthwhile facts for Business Operation do NOT originate, United States testing, May 1950

The Case of the Golden Chain, Comptometer Adding and Calculating Machines, May 1950, David Stone Martin

Drudgery is disappearing, Malory electrical times, May 1950

Wherever men compete, Young and Rubicam, May 1950

Firestone won a saving in printing costs, Consolidated Enamel papers, May 1950

Modern Beauty Aid, Kaiser Aluminium, May 1950

Noah didn't pick em by size, shape or weight, American Airlines, May 1950