Good presentation is vital, Michael Foot's lack of dress sense UK 1989, The Presentation Company UK

(no caption) Benson and Hedges cigarettes UK 1989

The 126MPH Tax Haven Rover 800 UK tax restriction by pricing 1989

Virgin Atlantic will fly wide bodies direct to Tokyo, UK 1989

Silk Cut Cigarettes, Psycho Shower scene evoked, UK cigarettes 1990

It costs £2 just to look at itm Philips Electrical Goods UK in the Design Museum 1990

The Roof that covers the World, Llloyd's of London Insurance services 1990 K

British Gas knows an east way to reduce energy costs, Run yoiur own Power Station uk 1990

BOC British Oxygen Company, mind expanding substances UK 1990

the Fujitsu dex 155 Fax Machine UK 1990

Do you mean £25 or £2 Urgent? Royal Mail UK 1990 Swiftair Service

services for healthier commerce, Old Colony Trust Company 1928, The First Mile a Minute Flier train in America

YOUR WIFE. Are the things she does important? A&P, 1928 Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company

Straight and Far, Swift and Company 1928 meat marketing

How to beat a cold, Sal Hepatica 1928

We keep them in a cage until they're right for you, Zenith the royalty of radio and Television 1953

All roads lead to Rose's, Lime Juice July 1937

The World's Greatest Motor, espedc ially in closed cars, Willys Knight. 1916

The Exide Starting and Lighting Battery for Automobiles, 1916

STRENGTH, Sharing greatly in America's growth, 1964 GTE, General Telephone&Electronics