US Royals, for US Rubber, artist Leonard London, 1936 ADA

We lock in all its goodness and give you the key, Wesson Oil and Snowdrift Sales , artist Rene Clarke

New York Edison polices your home midnight till dawn, 1936 ADA, artist William Seifert

It's Christmas Time at Abraham and Straus, 1936 ADA, artist Estelle Creston

Wrigley's Spearmint Gum, 1936, ADA, artist Otis Shepard

Hiram Walker's Royal Oak Whiskey, 1936 ADA, crossing counters, artist Lester Beall

Engineering to the nth power, Convair, October 1954

Now! the first breathtaking edition of FLAIR, February 1950, artist Paul Rand

An Ary Travels on its Fuel Tanks, Pittsburgh Steel, 1943, the necessity of Oil

COOL smartly styled for summer comfort, Tropix Paris Suspenders, June 1938

Enjoy a Coca Cola any time, UK 1955 at the races

Now, a sedan and a station wagon combined in one amazing car, Nash Airflyte Rambler, April 1951

Give your family their choice of choice cereals every day, Post Tens, August 1953

Gulf Refining, ADA 1936, corner shop, artist Saul Tepper

Seagrams, Columbus and Courage, ADA 1936, artist James Shucker

Anchors Aweigh, Dollar Steamship Lines, 1936, ADA, artist Fred Ludekens

Dollar Steamship Line, 1936, ADA, artist Fred Ludekens

He too signed his name and gave the world a Master Work, artist Pierre Brissaud, Old Taylor Whiskey 1936 ADA