For Hungry People on a Hot night, SPAM, July 1949

Friends over for tennis, Beer Belongs, artist Douglass Crockwell, July 1949

Dal Monte Catsup. It's time your meat pie met our catsup, July 1949

Athlete's Foot Misery? Absorbine Jr., July 1949

I wear False Teeth, Polident, July 1949

A spare spoon handle for a giant coal mining shovel, July 1949, the Bituminous Coal Institute

Mitchum in his newest film, The Big Steal, July 1949

Imagination finds better ways to make quieter cars for you, Chrysler, July 1949

If your car feels like this.... it's time for MARFAK Chassis Lubrication, July 1949 Texas Company

Summer Coolers taste finer with Schenley, July 1949

Vacations last longer in snapshots, Kodak Film July 1949

Mr and Mrs Angier Biddle Duke say Finest Beer seved anywhere, July 1949, Pabst

The FRazor Blade your face can't feel, Silver Star July 1949

For Best Results,Barbasol Shaving Cream, Jul;y 1949

I was curious... I tasted it... Schlitz Beer, July 1949

Why do Men keep Business Secrets from their wives, Borden Products, July 1949

Something Completely New in Portables, Zenith, July 1949

Follow the Experts, Champion, America's favourite spark plugs, July 1949

Smoke a Lucky and feel your level best, July 1949, Lucky Strike Cigarettes

They had me over a Barrel, Post Grape-Nuts July 1949

Only the World's Safest Tube has Bulkheads, Seiberling, July 1949

He's on the right course - he's got P.A., July 1949 Prince Albert Tobacco

How to give a Chameleon a nervous breakdown! Hickok Belts and Accessories July 1949

The finest car you ever owned deserves Gulfpride Oil, July 1949, artist Austin Briggs

Space Saving Show of the year, SIMMONS sofa beds, July 1949

Tall Cool and Handsome, Puerto Rican Rum, July 1949