On America's Air Fleet, Foote Bros., September 1948

Where clothes are white and homes are sweet - that happy ideal is Sunlight Street, Sunlight Soap 1922 UK

Use Alkia Saltrates, It's Your Liver 1922, UK

if Peter Pan could speak, Wright's Coal Tar Soap, April 1922 UK

He is first in health thanks to Lifebuoy Soap, April 1922

Shade of Isaak Walton, Johnnie Walker Whisky, April 1922, UK

In Two Sizes Now, ENO's Fruit Salts, April 1922 UK

It takes Science Planning experience and Equipment to give you perfect frozen food, York Machinery, October 1946

No Wonder it made Milwaukee Famous, Schlitz Beer, March 1948

A Tale of two boys, Allis-Chalmers, June 1949, agricultural equipment

We gave an old favourite a new twist, Life Savers, Stik-O-Pep, February 1951

Once in a blue moon a flavor like butter rum, Life Savers,October 1954

Nourishing Meat, Ham has it, April 1949

The smartest Santas shop at Singer Sewing Centers, December 1949

for Christmas an album of familiar favourites, LIFE SAVERS, December 1949

New Berry Fruits with fruit liqueur centres, September 1952 UK

Clydella Comfort for the Household Cavalry, September 1952 UK

Welch;s Coconut Bar, and other candies, April 1956

Forever Amber, film ad, October 1947

Like a melody Dentyne's flavor lingers on, October 1947

Clark's the centre of attraction, September 1947

The Spirit of Shakespeare at Stratford, Johnnie Walker UK 1922

21,000 physicians have written this name, Sanatogen, 1922 UK

Grandpa, were you a good little boy, Mackintosh's Toffee de Luxe, March 1922, artist C.Watson UK

Does your Mirror ever say, OVER WOK, Sanatogen 1922 UK tonic

RINSO puts all obelete and wasteful methods on the shelf, January 1922 UK

Ye Olde Fighting Cocks, St.Albans, Johnnie Walker, December 1921, artist Leo Cheney UK

Foremost in Winter's Joys, Sharp's Super Kreem Toffees, December 1921 UK

Fretwork, Ideal Xmas Presents, December 1921 UK

Jackson's Famous Hats and Shoes, December 1921, UK artist Louis Wain

Make the Christmad happy with a Kodak, December 1921, artist Wallis Mills UK

Some Lather! Lever's Easy Shaving Stick, December 1921

Give them all ONOTO Pens, December 1921 UK