The case for a pipe, Wills Cut Golden Bar, June 1951 UK legal success

Player's Please UK cigarettes June 1951

Phillips Gold Cut Pipe Tobacco, October 1951 UK

Artist's Advance starts with pipe, 1951

Sanderson Wallpapers and Fabrics, UK 1951

each chocolate is gaily wrapped, Cadbury's Roses at the Skating rink October 1951 UK

The choice of a Lifetime, Players Tobacco October 1951 UK

Rides that go round the world, Austin UK cars October 1951

Will this give you a pain? Two Rennies will relieve it, UK 1951

Lords of the Air, KLG Spark Plugs, UK October 1944

Guard your teeth night and morning, Phillips Dental Magnesia, UK 1944

Owing to troop movements NAAFI in one month .... October 1944 UK

Learn a new language by Linguaphone, October 1944 UK

Windak Electro-Thermal Clothing, UK 1944 Granny's idea for Bomber Crews,

Dogmatic. Lewin Mathes Pipes and Tubing, artist Steinberg July 1957

Some new things have been added to Southern California, 1952

Why read the recipe? DOLE Fruit Cocktail 1953

Dole Fruit Cocktail... that Country Fair flavour, John Atherton June 1954

the blue light that means milk on your doorstep, Allis Chalmers February 1955

son nice to come home to, Gold Bond Building Products February 1955

New Ideas for winter wamrth, Buck Skein Joe, November 1952

Have a Good Rum for your money, Lenon Hart Rum, Ronald Searle, March 1953 UK, spiking Pussy's milk

Silvikrin Right Style Hair Dressing June 1953 UK

Silvikrin, the right style hair dressing UK April 1953

Fill Up and feel the difference, Shell petrol, June 1953 UK, Frank Ford

Have a God Rum for your money, Lemon Hart Rum, June 1953 UK

What a remarkable car is the Austin A70 Hereford April 1953

Thrifty Scottish Mixtures by Dobie of Paisley UK April 1953

Silky Smooth, Johnny Walker Black Label Whisky UK June 1989

No other airline knows Australia so well. Quantas June 1989

Rotherham. There's nowhere more Uniyed. UK June 1989

4 hour colour print or 27 second colour copy, Canon Colour Laser Copier, UK June 1989

You can only travel quickly if you choose the straightest path, Japan Airlines, June 1959 UK

We've given our seats more room, Air canada, UK June 1989

Feather light.. weather tight, rtainwear from Vinylite Plastic Bakelite April 1950

Onem fill protects all winter long, Atlas Perma-Guard Anti-Freeze November 1952

Finer Foods Fall Fiesta, Monarch Foods, October 1949

New England Life, A better life for you... begins with Life Insurance, March 1959

Dole Fruit Cocktail, 1950 John Atherton artist

Dole Hawaiian Harvest 1960 Great variety Sale

Massachusetts Mutual Insurance , Standing there in the Rain, Norman Rockwell 1957

Britain was the first with Television, Wills Gold Flake Ciogarettes, June 1950 UKwil