Stake your claim to Barbecue Fame, Kraft Barbecue Sauce, June 1959

New Band Aid sheer strip, June 1959, faster healing

Wake up to TANG! instant breakfast drink June 1959

So Safe you can shave in the shower, June 1959 Schick Safety Razor

AUTO LITE Power Tip fires up your engine at all speeds, June 1959

BAYER brings fastest relief, June 1959

Thank Goodness I prefer Karo Syrup, June 1959

New Life to your complexion, safely gently, Palmolive June 1959

Not a Penny Lost, Federal Savings and Loan, June 1959

Gulf Cares, your friendly GULF station, June 1959

Keep it up, keep it down, Keep it crew cut!, Max Factor June 1959

Good Taste picks the Golden Six, Miller High Life, June 1959

Foremost Buttermilk, look how many ways it keeps you cool, June 1959

For any man on the go, new-type concrete is top news, Smooth riding, solid, safe, June 1959, Portland Cement Association

Look at Today... from tomorrow, Home Reader Service, June 1959

It isn't Bourbon in the botle, unless it says so on the label, The Bourbon Institute June 1959

The story of our Flag and how to tour Historic America, June 1959 Texaco

Kentile Vinyl on Today's Smartest Floors, June 1959

Joyous talisman, A Diamond is Foprever, June 1959, De Beers, artist leona Wood

There is only one Freezer and Refrigerator, AMANA, June 1959

Lane Furniture, 500 years ago this handle was a door knocker in Siam, June 1959

Home Safe! with MONA to cover the mortgage, Mutual of Nebraska June 1959

You can taste-test Borden's milf youself, June 1959

up to 70% longer wear with Du Pont clothes, June 1959

for relief of sinus congestion, helps drain all 8 sinus cavities, Dristan June 1959

Sto Bad Breath with Colgate Toothpaste, June 1959

Full Sized cars don't have to be gas hogs, June 1959, the can do cars from Chrysler

Twice the Tan in half the time without burning,Revlon Sunbath, June 1959

Dutch Masters for Dad, June 1959 on Father's Day, Consolidated Cigars

For a Summer of Fun stop at the sign of the Smiling Tyre, Goodrich Tires, June 1959

BOB RICHARDS says, Win an Esther Williams Swimming Pool in Wheaties Lucky Drawings, June 1959