None are so bold as the timid, Elizabeth Browning for Gilbert Paper 1952

balanced chemistry, The Davison Corporation 1952

Meet Soctlnad's favourite son, Johnny Walker Whiskey, 1952

Telephone Progress from Bell 1952

Watch a plane's 'lung' take a deep breath, Lycoming Precision Engineering 1952, Boris Artzybasheff

When they test drive the first atomic car...National Oil Seals will protect its bearings, 1952 Arthur Radebaugh

Speaking of Little Weighjts, American Airlines, 1952

In the story of Colgate-Palmolive-Peet there's a chapter on Wyandotte, August 1952

Did you hear the story of Johnny O'Shea? Oliver Iron and Steel, 1952

The plant that saved a bathing beach, Worthington Pumps 1952

Something the admiral didn't know, (but Chase discovered) Chase Brass and Copper, 1952

Is their food too rich for you? Crotty Brothers Food Service Management 1952

Welded Pipings from Tube Turns, August 1952

He's Baby Sitter for Barrels, Schenley August 1952, artist Robert Riggs

Why put up with stamps, Pitney-Bowes Postage Meter, 1952

He bought the Widow's Stock, The Mutual Benefit Life Insurance co., 1952,

Known by the Company it keeps, Seagram's Whisky, Sportsman's Treasure

What happens at our proving grounds? General Motors 1952

Everyone loses in this STOP and GO Battle, 1952 Trailmobile,

Our Dodges sure deliver the Goods, 1952 Dodge Trucks for Blue Plate Foods

Out on a Limb? AICO Molded Plastics 1952

Everyone likes Gaylord Bags, 1952 - they're good looking and can take it

Success Story Board, Groucho Marx for NBC Television 1952

War on Smog etc Kopper Elex Electrostatic precipitators 1952

Where in the world do ideas come from? Continental Can Co. 1952

Tempo Prestissimo in Figure Production, Remington Rand 1952

Clean Air and Atomic Energy, American Air Filter, 1952

Keller Air Hosts Cut Costs, 1952, Air Tools engineered in Industry

Royal Announces the greatest new typewriter of all time, 1952

Who blew the whistle on the Fighting Illini?, the McBee Company, 1952 R.Taylor

"John this building of mine... " RB and W Bolts and Screws 1952

It's swell if you can use it all, FORBES business magazine, 1952

Make this analysis before planning Vertical Transportation, Westinghouse August 1952

End of a perfect Day, Buickroadmaster 1952

is absenteeism a problem in your plant? Carrier Air Conditioning 1961

the furniture of course by All Steel, 1961

A side look at a neighbour at night, Texas Instruments 1961

Goodbye Miss Nicholls I'll be barbecuing in 20 minutes, Portland General Electric Company 1961"Come to oregon"

He brings Wall Street to you, Chemical Bank New York, 1961

COLOR and the key Wyandotte chemical fopr the papermaking industry 1961

How ONAN helps men with ideas build businesses, August 1961

How to Solve 4 outdoor party problems, American Cyanamid 1961

Want a non-tearing paper that holds any shape. Make it with steel wire, August 1961, American Steel and Wire

Send me a Man who reads,, International Paper August 1961

and your Research Director's wife will like Louisville too! Look into Louisville Kentucky August 1961

Chicago, where America's Plastics take shape, August 1961 The First national Bank

INCO - exploring new ways for Nickel to serve you, August 1961 the hydrofoiul ship

No Flavor Fade Away, Milprint Packaging August 1961

Which is the leading general cargo port on the Pacific Coast/ Crocker Anglo National Bank August 1961

Hoover Ball and Bearing Company, from cold finished steel to precision bearing, August 1961