A.W.Hecker, whjere hair splitting is Crude Work, May1943

Liaison, Mimeograph duplicator, May1943

The pen is migjhtier... Lamonte Safety paper May 1943

Brass Making skill smuggled in wine casks, The Bristol Brass Company, May 1943

Highway of Natural Gas from field to industry, Houston Pipe Line Company, May 1943

Shortening Supply Lines, Haskelite Plywoods, May 1943, freight planes at war

Kreolite Wood Blocks for Factory Floors, Fortune Magazine, May 1943

Symphony. Software for small businesses wanting to get bigger, April 1989 Lotus development UK

The Welsh Rarebit's getting Rarer, Harlech TV UK April 1989 HTV and TV advertising

Charterhouse Bank, The Art of Money has little to do with Tradition, April 1989 UK

Another Young Offender ends up on the scrap heap, HM Government, The Home Office 1989 UK

If work gets you down, don't change your job, change your holiday, Greek National Tourist Office April 1989 UK

Blue Label Ketchup from Curtice Brothers of Rochester, February 1920

Egyptian Deities, Cigarettes for People of Refinement and Culture, January 1920

Nordyke and Marmon, Marmon 34, January 1920

Pall Mall Famous Rounds Cigarettes, June 1920

Pierce Arrow, January 1920, bringing the hat and cane (Hotel?)

My Forbidden Past, directed Robert Stevenson, Robert Mitchum, Ava Gardner, Melvyn Douglas, 1951 red hot romance that rocks 'ol New Orleans

Rachel and the Stranger, directed Norman Foster, Robert Mitchum, Loretta Young and William Holden September 1948

Pursued, directed Raoul Walsh, Robert Mitchum and Teresa Wright, a love as bold as the hills March 1947

Johnny Belinda directed Jean Negelesco October 1948 Shame came out of the shadows and changed a young girl's life

Sweet Cahrity, directed choreography Bob Fosse, Shirley MacLaine, 1969

For the out of doors days, KODAK of Eastman Kodak, May 1920

Geo.Ide Collars, Moraine and Tyndale, April 1920, no funny stunts "After all there can be conservative style"

Baby Faces grow plump and ruddy, Grape-nuts Breakfast cereal, There's a Reason, March 1920

Marshal Foch won by Velver Joe's methods, 1920 Velvet Pipe Tobacco March 1920

The Easier Kind of Coffee, G.Washington's May 1920 Went to War Home Again, Prepared Coffee

KODAK as you go, 1920

Rigaud's Mary Garden Talc, June 1920

Conspicuous Nose Pores, How to reduce them, Woodbury's Facial Soap, January 1§920

Adams California Fruit Gum, 1920 - Delicious

How Electroheat saved this worker from a watery grave, the Elecgtricity Council UK April 1988

The Essential Element that's advanced engineering, Copper, the Vital Element May 1988 UK

Silk Cut Cigarettes, the scissors bound, April 1988 UK

Sometimes there's no substitute for experience, Bank Julius Baer, April 1988 Mike Williams UK

If you don't fancy the Suspension, you can always change it, the Vauxhall Senator, April 1988 UK

Many of our guests are a s pleased to see us as we are to see them, Hyatt Carlton Tower, April 1988 UK

Even the locals like staying, Trust House Forte, UK April 1988

TI Strategy The strategy continues to take shape, April 1988 (Tube Investments) UK

Air Born Destruction can come inside industry too, American Air Filter, May 1942

The Prudential Insurance Company,How to leave your life insurance money, what every man should know May 1942

DoAll meets the Challenge, May 1942, cutting machines from Continental Machines

Westinghouse Lighting Equipment, Night Watch USA May 1942, R.A.Mackenzie

No time for stewing, York Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, May 1942

If you've got umbrellas to sell, advertise when it's taining, John Blair and Co., for leading radio stations May 1942