Offices for Living, Standard Office Furniture 1956

Warmly beautiful walls Movable Hauserman Interiors, February 1956

FRAM keeps 14,000,000 engines clean, January 1951

Easy Spindrier did this in less than an hour, March 1950

This year dress 'em up feet first, Goodrich boots 1961 Halloween

Sound Sleepers wear Munsingwear October 1951

Welcome Sir to the big exciting world, America Fore Loyalty Group, January 1960

More and more leading businesses are turning to Aetna, Seoptember 1967

The New Lasalle $1225

Knoll Associates Office Design June 1961

Knoll Office for Heinz September 1959

Honeywell Climate Control, a satisfied customer October 1961

Our destiny is in our own hands, America Fore Insurance group June 1961

Time to promote him to a private office, Globe Wernicke Partitions October 1956

Each day you drive is a new adventure, Buick Roadmaster July 1954

What's the big attraction? Chase Brass and Copper for Mister Trout 1952

Newport tastes fresher, Newport Menthol Cigarettes August 1965

For a New Dad, an Old Dad, a Grand dad, Old Grand-Dad for Father's Day June 1964

They give you a 'mint' of extra flavor, Old Taylor July 1957

You're sure to 'have a ball' with this thirst quencher, 7 Up, February 1957

Why Miss Anne Gould... prefers Camels, July 1934

New Departure Ball Bearings, Nothing Rolls like a Ball, August 1931

Tennis Player, Cricketer and Stage Door Johnny smoke Kensitas May 1952 UK

Skater, farmer and Hotel Doorman smoke Kensitas, November 1952 UK

Actress, chauffeur and Roue smoke Kensitas, January 1952 UK

this young and lovely debutante... Kensitas, June 1952 UK

In rtyping too, electricity works for you. Remington Electric, May 1949

To feel your level best, Lucky Strike, May 1949

Keep meat fresh days longer without freezing, PHILCO refrigerators, June 1957

I new idea in smoking, Salem refreshed your taste, June 1957

For a treat instead of a treatment, Old Gold Cigarettes, April 1951

any one can enjoy the luxury of Marlboro cigarettes, 1951

Preferred by those who judge by high standards, September 1951

No theatrical claims, we just say Smoke Old Gold, February 1952

Guide your children's steps to success, World Book Encyclopedia, July 1962

Marooned with a Mental Mummy, Old Gold Cigarettes 1935

America's greatest Ballplayers, Camel Cigarettes 1956