Mother loves her little Hennessey, Cognac Brandy c1958 UK

Walpamur Quality Paints, Ronald Lampitt, c 1960 UK

Wallpamur Paint, c1960, Ronald Lampitt UK

They look so well in VIYELLA, c1960 UK

a cigarette tyou are offered in other peopl'e houses, Passing Clouds, UK 1958

A Man His Hobby and a Very Personal Cigarette, Passing Clouds, UK 1959

Bartex Sunglasses, June 1958, the new irresistable fly aaway look, UK

between Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Be Containerwise, Containerway, c1960

New Words for New Times, UK 1960 Schweppes Tonic Water and the Witch Doctor

Eyes young orold, Optrex ther Eye Lotion, UK 1958

Walpamur and Duradio Paints, UK January 1956

Women the Wold Over, Carr's of Carlisle Biscuits UK c1960

The Best Cigarette in the World, State Express 555 August 1960 UK

Maintain your personality, Insist on Gor-ray Skirts 1959 UK

The car with world appeaql, Morris Cars, c1946 UK

When only the best will do, Benson and Hedges, June 1950 UK

For luxurious roaming, Manhattan shirts, June 1950

for Dad, leisure shirts by Alfred, June 1950

Where Boyhood Romance come to life, Canadian Pacific 1939 UK

What a wonderful holiday we've had, South Africa Tourism Feb 1957 UK

The French Line makes travel a Fine Art, UK 1939

You can see they bought their car from Car Mart, UK 1939

Dunlop Proudly announce the Elite (Tyre) c1958

Concrete Ltd. There is Real protection, Civil Defence, Bomb Shelters 1939 UK

From the moment you see it, anything else is second best, Motorola TV February 1905

Schiaparelli's ZUT perfume, February 1950

No matter how you travel... strong Kaiser Aluminium, 1950

Now the fabulous flattery of candlelight, Revlon Touch and Go, February 1950

Send a Greetings Telegram, UK 1939 Post Office services

To Advertisers - actual and prospective, UK 1939 Holman Advertising

2 am and fresh as a daisy, Milk Marketing Board, UK 1939

Royal Mail Cruises, UK 1939 , summer sea voyages

ODOL, safest for the teeth, UK toothpaste, 1939

Ellerman Lines, an enjoyable holiday, UK cruising 1939

Velocraft, the new Mode Clocks, UK Smith Electric 1939

business is pleasure, London to Paris by British Rail, UK c1962

The Quality First MORRIS, UK car c1958, in a class of its own

A Dunlop Map of the North Country, Dunlop Tyres, c1960 artist Page (?)

English Electric bringing you better living, Diesel Trains and the Royal Scot, UK c1959

Inns and the Textile Trade, Brotherton Chemicals, UK January 1957

South Africa, Land of Sunny Contrasts February 1958 UK

Benson and Hedges cigarettes, when onkly the best will do, UK c1960

PRIMITIF for the woamn who is every inch a woman, UK c1963

I prefer smart men, Van Heusen Shirts, 1939 UK

Are your teeth worth 3d each? TEK Tooth Brush, 1939 UK