Down to Bedrock... in maintenance too, BOWER Roller Bearings, May 1953

Puts WHOOSH in Paperwork, Ward Leonard Electgric Company, May 1953

Hydroseal gives paper plenty of fight, National Starch products, May 1953

Engineered for the BIG loads, Hyatt Roller Bearings, May 1953

FORMICA helps solve 10 out of 13 current design problems, May 1953

Look how Krelastic helped solve the hard water problem, Naugutack Chemical May 1953

and he never had it so good, Motorola Communications, May 1953

A Single Lever puts Fluids to work, General Metals, May 1953

Bumpy Road for Hot Molecules, Airesearch May 1953 the dimpled aluminium tube

when men speak of shotguns, Winchester May 1953

Westinghouse offer the only completely automatic elevator system, May 1953

Chemicals. the number one bank in Philadelphia, Philadelphia National Bank, George Giusti 1953

These are puzzlerts, questions from The Travelers Insurance May 1953

Putting Teeth into Air Power, microcast, May 1953 dentures and bombers unite

Prsopecting for Customers, Yellow Pages, May 1953

Grinnell Fire Protection, Belmont Hospital at height of fire, May 1953

Can you depend on a Hazel Wand? Clearing Presses, May 1953

Nocturne directed Edwin L Marin, George Raft, Lynn Bari, November 1946

No Way Out, directed Joseph Mankiewicz October 1950,

LURED, directed Douglas Sirk, George Sanders, Lucille Ball August 1947 Don't answer this ad

The Cream always rises to the Top, Kentish Homes,Cascades Tower May 1987 UK

The Desperate Hours, directed William Wyler, 1955, Humphrey Bogart and Frederic March

Millions of Italians witnessed the miracle, Cadbury Schweppes May 1987 Tropical Dry UK

How long can you go without sleep? Quantas Business Travel May 1987

The Big Pearl, The Cable and Wireless Group in Hong Kong May 1987

prime commercial space from Hong Kong Property Company May 1987

Cardigan to Jersey in seconds, That's Sharp (Fax) May 1987 UK

Use it to find needles in foreign haystacks, Royal Mail International Letters May 1987

British Caledonian non-stop to Japan. The day has dawned May 1987

Saskatchewan, directed Raoul Walsh, March 1954, Alan Ladd, Shelley Winters, the Ci=uster massacring Sioux

The Long Knight directed Anatole Litvak, August 1947

All our yesterdays, all our tomorrows, Chase Bank May 1987 UK

There's one thing in this picture we didn't help to make, ICI Chemicals and Polymers May 1987 The Memories

Westland Helicopters, you don't know the half of it, May 1987, the Westland Group UK

What can four hours in a Guy Salmon Daimler do to a dozen roses? May 1987 UK

Chrysler Industrial Engines, may 1953 Horsepower with a Pedigree

Where's the limit to what you can do with Carborundum's man made minerals? May 1953

This summer a city larger than Detroit will move to Colorado The Denver Post May 1950

The Case of the Golden Chain, Comptometer, May 1950, artist David Stone Martin

8 important material handling questions, Automatic Electric Trucks, May 1950

Gifford Wood, conveying systems, May 1950 consult our handling engineer

OK Boss, you call my wife, Acousti-Celotex Sound Conditioning, May 1950

Keeping up to date on DuPont nylon fibres, May 1950

An ace in the hole on every deal! Erie Railroad May 1950