Pathe News, One reel twice a week 1929 artist Gordon Grant

film OurGang, the franchise 1929

GOLD, Middle Tar cigarettes, Benson and Hedges Cigarettes 1986

, Sol Elite Hotel, 1986 All part of the service

Air France . to the Middle East in comfort and style 1986

Why the meteorological office should be staffed by Giraffes, Mercury Unit Trusts, 1986

The Magic of Nixdorf Comet Software, UK 1986

Hallelujah, a King Vidor production 1929

Hollywoof Revue, film of 1929 MGM

The Crime of Indifference a Paramount Picture after the stage hit, 1928 innocent woman and rotter

Harold Lloyd films attract audiences, 1928 caught in the sunburst

Fay Wray and Gary Cooper in The First Kiss, 1928

Pola Negri, Loves of an Actress, film, directed Rowland Lee 1928

Erich von Stroheim, film The Wedding March, 1928, artist Lionel Reiss

fILM, Green Ghost directed by Lionel Barrymore, 1928 Sinophobic overtones

Give the Children a joyful Tinker Toy Christmas, 1926

Real Kiddi-Kars are made only by White 1920

Look Pleasant everybody, greet AGFA, the Readyset Royal Camera, 1928

Truly in works a dainty miracle, Hamilton Beach Carpet Washer, 1920

Let KODAK keep the story 1928 Autographic Kodaks for $5 up

and when the pie is opened , PYREX glass cookware 1928, from Corning Glass,

How to handle the Shopping Problem, Fuller Brushes 1929

Hiow to make even ordinary cotton goods look and feel like linen, LINIT for starching 1928

Here's death to Bedbugs , Tanglefoot Spray 1927 insecticide spray

It is not possible to make a better soap than Palmolive 1927